I Never Got My Hoverboard

Back in the day, I was a bit obsessed with the Back to the Future trilogy. I loved the idea of having a Hoverboard or flying cars in the future. However, I’ve come to realize the future that I thought I was promised, most likely will not come true. I have come to terms with this.

There are, however, more realistic items that I think I am entitled to, since I can’t have a Hoverboard. These items aren’t far out of the realm of possibility and probably already exist, just not at a price point I can afford. So, I have compiled a list of “futuristic” items I would like to have.

Bluetooth/WIFI Enabled/Wireless Networked Television

Wouldn’t it be great to integrate your television with your wireless network; to have your television share the screen of your PC? Or to surf the Internet through your television? How about have your iPhone (or other smartphone) control it? How about a peripheral connecter base station (for your DVD player, receiver, or whatever) that broadcasts the video signals to and from your television wirelessly? Oh, and how about putting a USB port on a television too?

I know these do exist, I just can’t afford them. I’m sure as time moves along, the price will drop and become more available.

Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

Ok, I know that Bluetooth headphones exist, but they are super large monitors and are expensive. We also have earbud Bluetooth phone headsets (which are annoying). How about Bluetooth earbuds to listen to music on your iPod or iPhone? The technology is there; it would really help out those who workout. Oh, and keep them at a lower price point too, unlike the Bluetooth studio monitors.

Smart Coffee Maker

A coffee maker that schedule brews based upon a preset time or that wirelessly communicates with your alarm clock so when the alarm goes off, the coffee maker starts. One that grinds its own beans, loads its own grounds, and disposes of its own waste. That maybe too much to ask of a coffee maker, but it sure sounds pretty sweet.

iPhone Apple Remote

My Apple remote works with my MacBook Pro and my iMac. It’s a very small, simple device. Why can’t my iPhone do the same thing? Perhaps because the iPhone needs an IR port?

iPhone Radio Tuner

Since we’re on the topic of iPhones, how about an AM/FM tuner built into the OS for iPhone? Why not? CD Players have them.

Mobile Phone Calls/XBox on Airplanes

This one is a given. We can connect wirelessly to the Internet. Our carrier signals go into the air and space. I’m sure airplanes travel through them all the time with no problems. Why can’t we find a work around on this? Also, how about playing XBox on an airplane? (Yes, I would pay for that.)

Door Locks that Work via Bluetooth

Unlock doors with your mobile phone. These exist too, but we need to make them more commonplace.

A Bed That Changes its Own Sheets

Yup, that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Speak Your Blog

Software that allows you to post a blog by speaking it. Either through the computer or phone.


Google has a labs add-on called Google Goggles where you have to do random mathematical tests in order to make sure you’re of the right mind to send an email at a certain time of day. How about that for your phone? Or a setting where you can edit the times you’re allowed to send out a text. NO TEXTS AFTER 12AM.

Parking Meters that Take Paper Currency

We have change parking meters, even credit card parking meters. How about adding the ability to take paper currency?

Pre-Pay Tolls

There are EZ-Passes for the tollways. I don’t use the tollway enough to warrant getting one. I just want to pre-pay online, before I head out, the tolls I’m going to use.

HVAC Mattress

A take on the electric blanket. Some way to supply and regulate hot and cold within a mattress. Think about it, no more cold night; no more hot nights.


Yes, the name is from the Fifth Element, but it’s a valid idea. An all around identity card. There’s a lot of people against it, I know. But if you could find a workaround for security, I’m sure it will be a valuable asset in the future.

Wireless Home Speakers

Again, pretty self-explanatory.

I realize that this is becoming quite the list, so I’m going to end here. Perhaps I’ll make another post soon regarding more futuristic items I would like to have.

And again; yes I am aware that some of these exist. But like I said before, we need them at a better price point or at least available to consumers.

9 Replies to “I Never Got My Hoverboard”

  1. My coffee maker has a clock you can program to brew at certain times, and it also has an alarm that goes off when it brews. It’s my alarm clock on weekends. So we’re halfway there.

    1. My coffee maker has the schedule brewing feature too, but not an alarm. The alarm would be sweet! I’m a little jealous.

      A coffee maker that grinds it’s own beans, fills it’s own basket and throws away it’s own waste would be the ULTIMATE dream coffee maker in my book. Yes, I am lazy.

  2. I’d like a fridge with a coffee tap just like the water and ice features, where I could walk up with a mug anytime of day and get coffee. THAT would be functionality I’d be willing to pay for.

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