Leif Fescenmeyer Bio Photo

Leif Fescenmeyer | Senior Marketing and Advertising Leader
Global brand and creative strategy expertise for modern marketers.

Educated and experienced in graphic design and photography, my journey has led my career from one of creative development to strategic planning. With over 20 years of experience, I view strategic planning as having the same principles of design; solving problems through insight and creativity.

I consider myself a unique strategist as I am both a brand and digital marketer. Having experience in the global consumer electronics category along with automotive and FMCG/CPG, has allowed me to create successful brand and digital campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands. I have developed operational and engagement strategies for global digital marketing, created brand and creative briefs for some of the world’s largest flagship product launches and have executed national eCommerce strategies for largest CPG brand in the world.

I believe in developing long-lasting, personal client relationships which yield trust and partnership. I know it’s essential to develop such relationships as we create solutions to significant marketing and advertising problems. I also believe in cultivating a culture of collaboration, inspiration, growth, independence and efficiency in teams.

I consider myself as an expert in both brand planning and engagement strategy. I am an Adjunct Professor at Loyola University teaching Research Methods in Advertising and PR, as I believe in cultivating the next generation of marketers. I have a passion for art and design which is quickly followed by music and technology. I reside in Chicago with my wife where we enjoy traveling together and finding new adventures to share.