Video: Abstract Ambience

For a long while now I’ve been wanting to try my hand at creating some video works. I have been producing some mixes under the Son of Erik name for the last year or so. But, video has often intrigued me, as a result, I’ve created my first video. (Well, first since High School.)

The video is entitled “Abstract Ambience.” Yes, it’s a pretty basic video with nothing really going on. It’s simply a candle burning with no over or undertones. I’ve always been entranced by flickering flames. They’re so lovely to stare at and get lost in. The video was shot using my Canon SD750 Powershot camera. I used this camera simply because I don’t have another. I edited the whole piece using Apple’s iMovie.

I had originally wanted to use Ulrich Schanuss’ “Gone Forever” track for accompanied audio track, but the upload was denied on YouTube for copyright reasons. Yes, I do know you can’t do that, I simply forgot. As a result, I needed a new track that was free of copyright. I decided to use my skill set in audio production to create a custom track that would reflect the overall feeling that I was trying to convey. So now, Son of Erik also makes background music for videos.

It was a great evening of creativity tonight. Shooting and editing my first video and producing the accompanied audio track for it too. I can’t wait to make more videos, develop new ideas, create new tracks and post them all for you to watch.

So, take a look. Let me know what you think. I can take the criticism, however, please keep in mind, this is my first attempt and I plan on getting a lot better as I delve into this new creative experiment. Enjoy!

Son of Erik Mixtape Release: What the Funk

Hey everyone! The new Son of Erik mix has been finalized and posted. It’s entitled “What the Funk – Why the Funk is it so Funky in here?” Yes, as you can imagine, there is quite a bit of funkadelic drops in this hip-shaking mixtape.

I have provided a link for you (at the bottom of this post) to download the mixtape. (If you would like it split into tracks, let me know, and I’ll provide.)

What’s the tracklisting look like? I’m glad you asked.

Dr. Funk – Sidechains
It’s Too Funky In Here (Vs. James Brown) – James Brown
Disc Odyssey – Crazy P
Make You Mine (Codebreaker remix) – Miami Horror
I Feel Love – Donna Summer
She’s A Lady (Vs. Tom Jones) – Tom Jones
Sweet Disposition (Full Vocal Mix) – Morgan Page
When The Lights Go Down – Armand Van Helden
Set It Off (At The Playboy Mansion Mix) – A Taste Of Sugar
Who Said – Planet Funk
Good Luck (Tim Deluxe Funked Club Mix) – Basement Jaxx
Blinded By The Light (Extended Mix) – Funkstar Deluxe with Manfred Mann

Download What the Funk Here

These mixes are not intended for sale or reproduction. Son of Erik does not and will not receive any proceeds from the production of these mixes. Please respect the copyright of the original artists that have been listed.